Thomas Horn
Venture Beneath the Canopy

Venture Beneath the Canopy

Welcome to Venture Beneath the Canopy, a Thomas Horn collection of life-size signature and miniature work.

Life-Size Signature Sculptures

Livingstone's Turaco

Turquoise-browed Motmot

Rufous-tailed Jacamar

White-plumed Antbird

Golden Headed Quetza

Miniature Sculptures

Miniature Picture 1

Miniature Picture 2

Miniature Picture 3

Miniature Picture 4

Relief Carvings

Relief Carving 1

Relief Carving 2

Relief Carving 3

Relief Carving 4

Relief Carving 5

Hand Engravings

Hand Engraving 1

Hand Engraving 2

Hand Engraving 3

Hand Engraving 4

Hand Engraving 5

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Jacobsburg State Park Visitor Center